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Lowellville Drama Club Prepares For Opening Night

Taylor Wensel, Contributor

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Starting on April 28th and running through the 30th, Lowellville’s Drama Club will be presenting A Night Of Blacker Darkness. The story follows the journey of Frederick Whithers, who was wrongfully imprisoned for a crime that he has not committed (yet). He fakes his death to get out of prison and a group of vampires witness him rising out of a coffin. Although he does not display any of the obvious vampiric characteristics, they believe that Frederick is the most powerful vampire to ever walk on the earth; the “Great One.”  Throughout his journey, he encounters strange people who offer to help him, while also trying to run from the vampires who want to hunt him down and worship him. The play has been adapted from a book written by New York Times Best-Selling Author, Dan Wells.

The Drama Club started practicing earlier in the year for this play. It has only been performed as a play two times; both of which were put on by universities. Lowellville is not only the first high school to perform this play, but it is the first school to bring it to Ohio.

Advisor, Ms. Mia DiRienzo, has a goal to get the community more involved, not just the club itself. One of the ways she has started to achieve this goal is by accepting volunteers to work on building the sets. The play contains a total of 5 set changes, all built by parents of the cast and crew. Main designer, Jim Travis, works to bring Ms. DiRienzo’s drawings and thoughts to life. He works alongside John David, Tim Wensel, and Joe Cosier.

The group is frantically practicing almost five days a week to make sure this will be a success. Ms. DiRienzo said to the Rocketeer staff, “We set the bar really high last year and we want to maintain that.” Last year, the club presented the comedy Noises Off. She also stated that they wanted a hilarious challenge that could possibly top last year’s performance.

Emotions are mixed as the dates approach. Cast members are running through their lines making sure everything is right. Crew members are making sure they know the routines and all of the equipment is working properly. Ms. DiRienzo is trying to breathe and make it through the performance easily. “I did the math last night and with only 25 days left, I will not sleep well until then,” she revealed.

Show times are 7:30pm for the 28th and 29th, however the performance starts at 2:00pm on the 30th. Admission for adults is $10.00 and for students and seniors the cost is $7.00. There will be, however, a $2 discount for anyone who dresses up in a spooky costume on any night the play is put on.

The club wants to encourage everyone in the community to come out and enjoy the play they have all worked so hard to perform.

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Lowellville Drama Club Prepares For Opening Night