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First Graders Take Field Trip To Schwebel’s Factory

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Taylor Wensel, Contributor

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On Wednesday, March 1, the first grade class took a field trip to Schwebel’s bread factory . For many of them, this was the first time that they could observe the baking process. Many of them were eager to share their responses with the Rocketeer staff and they enjoyed the experience.

Founded in 1906, Schwebel’s Bakery remains an extremely popular company to this day. Joseph and Dora Schwebel, founders of the iconic bakery, started selling homemade bread around the small city of Campbell, Ohio in 1906. Most of the deliveries occurred on foot until they were able to incorporate a horse and wagon. By 1914, their bread was on the shelves of local grocery stores. After the death of her husband, Dora Schwebel was pressured to sell the bakery, but she refused. She persevered through the Great Depression and kept the company running strong. The iconic mascot, “Happy the Clown” was created by Dora in 1932.

By 1936, a larger $100,000 bakery was constructed. It was later expanded in 1938 and again in 1941.  The largest bakery was built in Youngstown shortly after World War II and it brought in nearly $2 million each year.  

The company only continued to grow from there. The successful business has become a nationwide phenomenon and serves states all over. Over a century, the family owned bakery still works to produce the same fresh bread that all people know and love.

When the first grade found out that they would have a chance to see how this bread was made, they were enthusiastic about the experience. When the Rocketeer staff stopped down to talk to some of them about the trip, they were anxious to share their responses. The field trip, overall, earned a positive report from the students. From watching the dough being mixed together to watching the bread bake, the elementary students took the experience in and watched it closely. When the staff polled the class, many of them said that their favorite parts were bringing home a pack of fresh bread to enjoy with their families.

Overall, the trip proved to be a successful field trip for the first graders. Most of them enjoyed the smell of freshly baked bread and seeing the whole process unfold in front of them.

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First Graders Take Field Trip To Schwebel’s Factory