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Lowellville Celebrates Valentine’s Day, One of America’s Oldest Holidays

Nathan Williams, Contributor

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On February 14th, Lowellville celebrated Valentine’s Day with a dress-down day and the usual Sweet Heart’s Dance on the Saturday. During the dress-down, students were allowed to wear red, white, pink, or just Rocket Spirit wear. While the announcement for the dress-down was somewhat late in the previous day, many students dressed in colored shirts. Adding to the spirit, there was also an assembly during the holiday for Lowellville’s basketball teams.

Some of Lowellville’s students shared their thoughts about Valentine’s Day. One senior, A.J. D’Altorio, commented that he and his girlfriend did not do anything on the holiday itself since she had work. “There is a possibility though that we may still go out to dinner some time for Valentine’s,” he added. “The plans aren’t certain.” When asked if he usually participates in the holiday, he replied that they usually do go out to dinner or get some candy.

Another student, junior Carl LaRosa, replied that he had to work during Valentine’s Day. “I usually don’t do much on the holiday,” he replied about participating in the past, “since I wasn’t in a relationship most the time.” Despite not doing much during the holiday, Carl said he did bring gummy bears to his boss to help her through some rough times.

Both Carl and A.J. replied that they plan to do more with Valentine’s Day later in life. For now, it seems the students are a bit too busy with work and school to devote much time to the holiday.

Lowellville and many other American schools have been celebrating Valentine’s Day for as long as anyone can remember. The holiday has been around for a millenia and a half, ever since a Christian Pope during the fifth century used it to overshadow the Roman festival of Lupercalia, also in mid-February. The origin of the holiday’s name is shrouded in myth as the Catholic church recognizes several Valentines from history, all martyrs. Valentine’s Day greetings and cards began to gain popularity in the middle ages, around the fifteenth century, and again with printed greetings during the early twentieth century. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the US, the UK, Canada, France, Mexico, and Australia, where cards, candy, and flowers are as prominent as ever ( Staff).



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Lowellville Celebrates Valentine’s Day, One of America’s Oldest Holidays