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[caption id="attachment_8245" align="alignright" width="188"]147326213765085 Zack Oliver[/caption] One of the two males and three staff members contributing the Rocketeer, Zackary Oliver is a returning student to Lowellville after several years spent with family near Chicago in Illinois. He doesn’t remember many people from Lowellville, especially those in grades other than his own, but he does certainly remember enough of his peers to easily fit back into his senior class. Zack joins the newspaper staff in his last and current year of high school with a long-held passion for writing and books from childhood. Over the year, he hopes to improve his writing skills to better entertain his readers. He also looks forward most to writing articles for the Arts & Entertainment and Editorials sections of the Rocketeer since they’ll likely allow him to report more about his own favorite interests. Zack isn’t in many groups so far since he just returned to Lowellville, but he is actively curious of his options. His largest priorities, however, lie in his academics, friends, and his love of computers and technology. When getting to know Zackary, it becomes clear that he places his greatest emphasis on his friends. When asked what he was very good at doing, Zack’s go-to answer was how good he is at caring for and helping his closest friends. One of his favorite activities during the latest summer was also hanging out and chatting with his friends. He enjoyed it even more so than his other favorite hobbies of watching TV shows or playing video-games, two activities that take up most of his free time. Zack’s favorite things when it came to school include the opportunities to learn as well as the opportunity to meet with his friends while attending. Zack had a bit more to say, however, about things he might change about school in general; his biggest complaints with school are with regard to the hours of school days, which he found to be far too early for the students. “I have to get up around 5:30 in the morning to get ready for school. I wish I could get up at  7:00. Even that would be better,” he commented. He stated lastly that he personally works best in classrooms where teachers meet one-on-one with their students and treat the students like adults. On a final note, Zack wanted to mention to any readers that he isn’t overly serious as a person but instead a bit more silly than he might appear. He’s also a bit shy, though not enough that it keeps him from getting along with everyone around him.

Zackary Oliver, Contributors

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