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147320490346316This year three students are part of the Rocketeer staff. One of those students is  senior, Nathan Williams. Nathan has been at Lowellville since 1st grade, which means he has a lot of experience with the people and staff at the school. Although he may come off quiet and introverted at times, he is easy to get along with and easily enjoys the company of other people. Nathan is in many activities at school; a few he is involved in include NHS (National Honors Society), the yearbook committee, and academic challenge. He is very excited to be involved with journalism as one of his wishes this year is to improve his writing. One of the type of articles he is looking forward to writing are editorials since he likes to research different topics. Even though Nathan is very involved in school, there are also other things he is good at outside of school. Some of his talents include being open minded and good at language and writing. When not in school Nathan likes to play video games, watch shows, and hang out with friends when he is not busy. His favorite genre of shows to watch are fictional, mature shows. Another one of his hobbies is learning geography outside of school. He stated, “I love to learn about different countries and where they are located, because I think it’s nice to know and see all of the different cultures.” Nathan has many opinions about school and learning. He loves learning; however, he doesn’t believe that school gets it right all the time. One of the things he dislikes about school is that some people don’t care about learning and ignore a lot of the teachers. Also, he thinks school is more of a working experience than a student learning experience. Nathan only really likes one thing about school. He said, "I like the people in the school, both students and teachers. The teachers help to make it more enjoyable.” No matter what he thinks about school overall, he thinks that this school year will be more stressful but also fun because of his peers.

Nathan Williams, Contributors

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