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New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI

Taylor Wensel, Contributor

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The Super Bowl proves to be one of the most anticipated times of the year throughout the country. Millions of fans hope that their team earns one of the two spots in the game that year. For 2017, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl, followed by Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. Although the exact number of viewers that tuned in to watch is unclear, numbers will show that more than 100 million people had the game on their television.

The game was one that excited many. The New England Patriots had appeared in eight Super Bowls, four of which they won.  The Atlanta Falcons, however, had been in only one other Super Bowl. They lost in 1999 to John Elway and the Denver Broncos 34-19.  

The night started with country singer Luke Bryan, singing the National Anthem. The Patriots called ‘heads’ at the coin toss and lost, so they received the opening kick. The first quarter proved to be a defensive struggle for both teams and they remained scoreless heading into the second quarter. After the slow start, however, the Falcons picked the intensity and energy up. They dominated in the second and Devonta Freeman made a five yard run to be the first one to score in the game. The extra point put the Falcons up 7-0. That was not the end for the Falcons. They continued to roar ahead, eventually ending the quarter with a 21-3 lead going into halftime. Lady Gaga performed the halftime performance solo, one of only eight artists to do  so. She performed her biggest hits and she did not disappoint. Between jumping off of the roof of the stadium, the performance itself, and the fireworks, the show proved to be a huge success.

The same momentum that many saw from Atlanta in the first half just was not there when the game resumed. The Patriots came out of the locker room with a fire that Atlanta possessed just an hour earlier. However, that drive was short-lived. The Patriots struggled to get a single touchdown, but, after taking 6:25 off of the clock, it finally happened. The score going into the fourth quarter was only 28-9. The last quarter of play that was going to take place stunned millions that watched. The Patriots did not back down. If anything, they moved with a greater sense of urgency. They needed to make something happen. After a pair of sacks on Atlanta’s 7-yard line, they settled for a 33-yard field goal attempt, which they completed. That play had put them within two scores. Against all odds, the Patriots managed to tie the game 28-28 with 52 seconds remaining in the game. Regulation ran out and overtime started. With Atlanta sweating nervously and New England controlling the energy, the game started to get crazy. The Patriots won the coin toss, got the ball, and never looked back. They ran a total of 75 yards to score the ball and win Super Bowl LI 34-28. Not only was this game the first in Super Bowl history to end in an overtime, but it was also the biggest comeback. People did not only enjoy the game, but they also eagerly awaited the commercials and savored the tons of food that had been prepared for the big day.

On Sunday, Americans ate approximately 12 million pizzas, eight million pounds of guacamole dip, and 14 thousand pounds of chips. Some people even argue that Super Bowl Sunday is right behind Thanksgiving for the amount of food consumed. The commercials that aired on television are definitely what most people say that they look forward to watching. This year, a 30-second ad cost around $5 million.  This year Budweiser took a political stance and Doritos did not take part in the commercials this year. The Super Bowl is one of the most famous American sporting events and one that millions look forward to every year.

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New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI