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Time To Make America Great Again

Taylor Wensel, Contributor

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America both welcomed and protested the inauguration and the transfer of power to Donald Trump on Friday, January 20th. Trump took the oath and was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. The ceremony took place in the rain and the day was dreary. Security was strong all day. Although rain fell, umbrellas were not permitted and reporters could not have hot beverages, such as coffee. There were 31 seats that were empty for the representatives that were protesting. The inauguration took place at St. John’s Church in Washington D.C and Trump occupied the 54th row, also known as the President’s Pew.

The morning started off in a unique way. Donald Trump, along with his wife Melania, attended an early church service to pray for the country and its people. They proceeded to the White House to meet with President Obama and the First Lady over coffee. By 9:30, Obama had left the Oval Office for the last time and both parties then made their way to the church for the ceremony. Both Trump and Obama traveled together in the presidential limousine, while their wives traveled in a separate vehicle.  Donald was reportedly confident in the moment. There were no signs of anxiety or nervousness. He was chomping at the bit to get started.

Both the President and the President-Elect arrived shortly after departure. They were greeted by many people, some being friends and family. Trump’s children and grandchildren appeared at Capitol Hill around 10:00, followed by the arrival of the Clintons approximately 20 minutes later.  

The ceremony started with Mike Pence being sworn in as Vice President. He used the Ronald Reagan Bible, one that had been used since the 1980’s. Being very conservative, the use of this Bible was an appropriate stance and showed his admiration of Ronald Reagan. After being sworn in, the Bible was opened and sections of 2 Chronicles were read. Donald Trump came next. He used two Bibles; one that his mother gave him in 1955 and the Lincoln Bible.  His inaugural address, however, was one that many people did not see coming.

The Address focused on the views similar to those of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. All three speeches revolved around the same idea and they focused on making America the best it could be. Kennedy’s speech contained ideas of negotiation. He said to never fear to negotiate and never negotiate out of fear. Donald Trump is an aggressive deal maker who is not afraid to negotiate, so this part of the speech was relevant. The second point he brought up was to give America the respect it deserves. This point runs parallel to that found in Reagan’s speech. The idea was to have great respect for America and Trump agrees. He puts America first. His Inaugural Address was one of the most radical speeches ever given. The vocabulary included very little use of the word “I” and prevalent use of  “us” and “we.” His goal is to radically redefine the American government.

The night before the ceremony, Fox News released results to a poll based on Trump’s popularity. 42% of people found him to be favorable, while 58% found him unfavorable for President. At this rate, he entered the White House with the lowest approval rate of any president in U.S. history. However, a majority of Americans remain optimistic about the next four years under his leadership. He is popular in an unpopular way.

Donald Trump has already made some vast changes from the White House throughout his first week in office. Some say that what he is doing in unconstitutional. Others say this is what the country needed. The next four years are bound to be eventful and bring many changes to America and its citizens.

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