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“Bloodline” by Kate Cary

Zackary Oliver, Contributor

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bloodlineThe novel,  Bloodline was written by Kate Cary, who has authored other books such as some of the Warrior Series. She is from Birmingham, England and has written books for many years. Bloodline is a fictional book that has many horror and Gothic elements. The book is entirely written through letters and journal entries and is said to be an unofficial sequel to the original Dracula book. Bloodline is geared towards young adults or teens as there is a lot of action and romance in it. It deals with vampires in World War 1 so adults could possibly also enjoy it because of the setting and romance.

Bloodline is a very interesting book as it mixes fiction with reality. My favorite genre of books is fiction so it was easy to get into. The book is written differently because it’s told through letters and journal entries, which may be a confusing read at first. However, it was easy to get into since it still has aspects of a regular book. The book has a great deal of romantic scenes that take place through much of the middle of the book. In the beginning of the book, it takes place in the war so it was interesting to see how the war was presented. It was difficult to relate to but it was still interesting to see the horrors that the main character went through. Overall, though it may have been difficult to relate to with the war and all of the romance, it was easy to enjoy since it had fictional aspects of a vampire who is the antagonist in the story.

The book starts out with John Shaw entering the battle of World War 1. He is faced with many mysteries dealing with his lieutenant Quincey Harker. During his time in the trenches he sees a lot of weird things like his lieutenant killing people with his bare hands and ripping other soldiers throats out. As the story continues John Shaw gets injured in battle and has to return to his home. After he returns from the war the nurse who takes care of him reads his journal that he wrote during the war. This later creates a connection between John and Mary, who is the nurse. However, what John doesn’t know is that Harker follows John home and takes a romantic interest towards his sister Lily. When John recovers from his injury and returns home, he starts noticing that the love is mutual between Lily and Harker. However, one day Harker takes Lily to get married in Transylvania, where he is from. John later finds out that Harker is indeed a vampire and that he must go to Transylvania with Mary to save Lily. The book has many twists and turns throughout which encourages you to refrain from putting it down.

Kate Cary, the author of Bloodline was born on November 4th, 1967 and lived in England for most of her life until she moved to Scotland. She is most famous for writing the Warrior Series under the pen name Erin Hunter along with other members. She has also written Bloodline and its sequel Reckoning. Though the two Bloodline books are less famous they are still written in a unique way from other books, through letters. The books are unofficial plays on Bram Stroker’s, Dracula and are fun for both teens and adults to read.

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“Bloodline” by Kate Cary